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when Mary rings, it says Queen Caroline.

when Mary rings, it says Queen Caroline.

Is “all right” special Time Lord code for “really not all right at all”?

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No you don’t understand … The Weeping Angel was still there. The Doctor crumpled and fell apart and put his face in his hands because he was devastated over losing Amy and Rory. But obviously he stayed there. The Weeping Angel didn’t touch him. And then I realized …

River. River kept staring at the Weeping Angel to let the Doctor have his moment of grief. River just lost her parents and she still managed to hold herself together to make sure that the Doctor was safe.

im like nearly crying

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Discussion about the Doctor

Okay, I was watching DW and my roommate suddenly asked me if the round faced actor she loves is back…

I wasn’t sure who she was talking about and latter I realised she was talking about David Tennant and I said: He IS NOT round faced.